The Bridge at the Clark Center
Thomas Dimson, graduate student at Stanford University.

Spring 2013

I'm a Master's student at Stanford University, studying Artificial Intelligence. In particular, I'm interested in Natural Language Processing and Data Mining. I'll be graduating in June of 2014. Computing is my passion but I also enjoy photography and pretend to enjoy music, film, food and reading. My favourite algorithm is Welzl's Algorithm for determining minimum enclosing disk.

Before that, I worked in the Kindle org at in Seattle as a software engineer and started the Reading, Mining and Analytics team. I also did some work on the Kindle apps (iOS, Fire Tablet) and some work on Kindle social networks. In the Jurassic era, I graduated from the University of Waterloo in my homeland studying Applied Mathematics, Computer Science and Pure Mathematics.

Statistically speaking, if you are visiting this web page you may want to take a peek at my résumé. If you happen to like the typesetting, you are welcome to view/use the LaTeX source.

For more typesetting goodness, I have prepared a LaTeX template for University of Waterloo Math work reports.

Otherwise there really isn't too much here. I spend a lot of time hacking away at my own ideas, although nothing has struck gold yet. I have different projects up on github. The most interesting is the Waterloo Course Qualifier which has applied constraint satisfaction to solve Waterloo student scheduling for years.

For the truly bored, take a peek at my final project for Waterloo's CS488 graphics course.

For the inordinately bored, follow my always irreverent twitter stream. My Flickr page is always open for business.

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